Friday, November 25, 2011


Since starting biomed in August, we have worked hard to get Nathan on all the supplements ordered by our local DAN!, Dr. Baptist.  At first the task was is the list of supplements he ordered for our son:

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Natural antifungals/antivirals
....and yes:  I typed all that from memory! 

It was strange jumping into biomed.  It was like marrying your sworn enemy...ever read or seen "Pride and Prejudice"?  And I assure you:  I did not go into it willingly.  Seeing test results can change things like that.

We have finally gotten past the crazy "honeymoon" schedules are needed, and things are automatic.  I learned to discriminate between the supplements that Nathan really needed and which were questionable in helping him.  The ones that were questionable and gave no improvement have been weeded out.

Here the thing:  I learned that DAN! doctors, much like the rest of the medical community, do what they have been taught or what they think they "know".  They, too, can have their focuses and biases and may not look at the "whole picture".  So, unfortunately, it's up to me, Nathan's mom, to figure out what pieces are missing.  Yes:  I have to play doctor.  And No: I don't like it. 

Enter chelation.  Let me be more specific:  ANDY CUTLER chelation.  This is not the chelation most drs speak of.  The motto of AC chelation is "go low and go slow".  It is VERY SAFE, the parents are in control of how long and when a round is, and it is cost-effective.  Until chelation, we did not have any "wow" moments with Nathan.  It is the one treatment we have done that given us what we craved most:  PROGRESS. 

This weekend we are on Round #6.  Since starting chelation, we've seen immense improvement in receptive language.  He can't stop looking at people.  He "gets" inference.  He sat down and did puzzles with me last week and played with his sister in an indoor jungle gym at the mall...and he climbed all the way to the top for the very first time.  We are emotionally holding back, probably from the fear of it all being coincidence...but we all know that the frequency of coincidence creates causation.  The causation being that chelation is actually WORKING.

I maintain an attitude of healthy skepticism about all of this...but I'd LOVE to be proven wrong. :)