Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pushing through the busy-ness....

Several months have passed since my last post; seems flakey of me, I know...but my schedule in life often takes over everything I "mean" to do, and, well...some things just fall through the cracks. 

To summarize the past few months, I somehow have survived a few more months of graduate school, and my family has (somewhat) survived it, as well.  We are now in the midst of summer.  The kids (all 3!) are home, but I am still too busy to begin it, myself.  It would be the biggest relief to my conscience to be able to sit down, do fun stuff with my eldest daughter, do some good, child-directed therapeutic play with my son, or chase after my now toddling youngest.  I can complain, but soon this bad dream of way too many things to do will be over.  I'll be moving on to land of "employed moms".

Nathan will be a kindergartener in 2 months.  We had planned on holding him back and giving him one more year, but the prospects of 5 full days of education/week, with periods of peer involvement, was too good to pass up.  I will miss seeing his smiling face throughout the day while I complete my first field study for my degree.  One note of progress?...we have SUCCEEDED in obtaining the school district's permission to get Nathan a speech-generating device!!  He has used the iPad for a while now, even in school, but they recognize, just as I did, that the app we use will soon be inappropriate for his age.  We will find out which device it will be when Fall begins; it will be on loan from the SD, but we will be able to bring it home...even during the summers!  I, for one, am excited!

One other piece of news...we are currently on a supplement break.  For the past few weeks, we have backed Nathan out of all of his supplements, except for probiotics (we are SOLD on the soil-based variety!), Vitamin D3, adrenal support, and camel's milk.  No regression in behaviors, so far.  We have an appt with our doctor on June 16th, at which time we will have our first update in Nathan's functioning since last year!  We are taking a break from AC chelation, too, until after that appt and any testing the doctor wants to do. 

Busy busy busy....that's what's been up!  I'll be back to update more later! :)