Monday, January 9, 2012

Harshness and Reason

Sometimes I read some of my posts...and realize how shrill I sound at times.  I have many in my family who are members of the mainstream medical community: the same community I lambast openly for what I see as ignoring the medical truth about Autism, vaccines, chemicals, and treatment. 

I want all those reading this to know that, if I offend you, it is NOT personal.  It is NOT an attack on individuals, but on the ESTABLISHMENT.  The education that is handed down in med school is simply lacking and uninformed, when it comes to Autism. 

I would challenge anyone to prove to me it is not.

When I blog, protesting about the status quo, I do so out of my household's experience.  We have, indeed, been let down by the medical establishment.  The past 3 years have been a whirlwind of so many different feelings.  The feelings of this blog are resultant of my experiences with my child, doctors, teachers, school districts, professors, and colleagues (AKA: my fellow moms).  In my view, if someone speaks out of personal experiences, how can you blame them?

If you are reading this, and you are offended, one suggestion:  truly ask "Why?" 

Ask if there is some way you can see from my corner...

ASK me for evidence to my claims, because I'll admit I am not so eloquent at explaining them at times. 

READ what I have read.  Avoid Pharma-sponsored and govt-sponsored articles/journals, along with the inherent conflicts of interest.

JOIN the groups I have joined to hear the stories other families have....because our stories are the same.  Our children's health issues are the same.  Our opinions of treatment protocols for Autism are the same. 

And...guess what?...our outcomes of slow, but steady IMPROVEMENT are verrrry similar. 

It will be scary to you at first because it may fly in the face of everything you've known and have been taught.  I know it was scary to me.  Breaking out of an already-set paradigm is never easy. 

If EVERYONE were to do this....LEARN and KEEP LEARNING....I'm convinced you would see that it could be a brand new, better world for families with Autism.

So PLEASE...give real education a chance.  And join us! 

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