Friday, February 10, 2012

Improvements continue!

Some excerpts from the notes coming home from school lately:

1/18:  ..."Matched shapes and colors from a field of 6.  Matched big/little."
1/23: ..."Nathan worked on cutting.  We are moving on to receptively identifying 3 colors and shapes.  He was very compliant today."
2/6: ..."Nathan was receptively identifying shapes today.  Hurray!  Cut on a line [with scissors!] a number of times for 5-6 inches."
2/8: ..."Worked on receptively identifying colors and shapes.  He is doing great.  He did well cutting and making a pig from hearts."
2/9: ..."Nathan worked a long time today.  He is cutting with scissors better.  I will increase the length he must cut consecutively."

At home, we are seeing unbelievable progress on communicating with his iPad app.  He uses it so much it's almost like he doesn't have a communication issue!  He regularly tells us he wants a popsicle...and not just any old popsicle, but a GREEN popsicle!  And if I tell him we are all out of green and only have purple and red left?...He says "PURPLE".  He tells us he wants the "BUS" and "SCHOOL" and sometimes even says "GOODBYE" before we walk out the door.   He tells us he wants "BREAD" and "BANANA" and comments "BREAD" if he is eating it.  He asks for the "UPSIDE-DOWN" game and says, "I-WANT-MORE."  He even asked for some Sierra Mist soda by saying, "WATER + JUICE" when he didn't find an icon for "SODA".  Even my husband is marveling over this. 

As you can tell from the notes home, his cognitive progress (at least what he is aware of and cooperates in showing to teachers...we know it's in there!) is exploding!!  Colors, shapes, cutting with scissors?? this still MY child we're talking about?

I asked Nathan to smile...and he did!!  Isn't he handsome? :)
  I'm so proud of how far he's come...
...and to think we've only been at this for the past few months!!

We are waiting for the school district to reevaluate his Assistive Tech needs.  He needs more than PECS.  He does so well with the iPad that it's a pity he can't use it at school.  We are hoping his teachers will see he is ready and recommend a change. 

Today will be the beginning of Round #14 in our AC chelation journey.  I'd say it (and our supplement regimen) are doing wonders...wouldn't you? :)  Will keep updating as we see more!


  1. Jennifer- what app is Nathan using on his iPad? I have a five y/o with autism as well and he loves it! But I haven't found a program he really likes for communication yet. SUggestions?

    1. Hello, fellow mom (and SLP...I'm a "super-senior" grad student)!
      We use an app called "My First AAC"'s made esp. for preschoolers. It's great and is at the right price, but be prepared to try transitioning to something else. Me, I'd like him to get a real device at some point and get some LAMP training...wanna get that device use more AUTOMATIC, you know? See my post, along with a screenshot of the app, at Thanks so much for reading...stick around...I like having fellow SLP-moms around! :)

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  3. Super senior grad must be code for proposal approved dissertation editing grad, right? I am there with you. Doing a diss on Catholic families with autism and their adventures taking kids to Mass and receiving First Communion. (Phd in psych) If you have any stories or know anyone like us with these stories, please let me know. Some funny and tear jerking stories have been provided thus far, but I do need more funny to offset the ones that broke my heart.